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early / рано, преждевременно, заблаговременно
early, soon, betimes, at an early hour, ere
early, untimely, beforehand, short
early, beforehand, in good time, aforehand, early in the day
имя прилагательное
early, first, forward, youthful, rathe, rareripe
previous, early, antecedent
early, preterm
имя прилагательное
happening or done before the usual or expected time.
we ate an early lunch
happening, belonging to, or done near the beginning of a particular time or period.
an early goal secured victory
before the usual or expected time.
I was planning to finish work early today
near the beginning of a particular time or period.
we lost a couple of games early in the season
the bus was early
The main phase of construction of the visible walls of the fort, however, belongs to the early medieval period.
In the early modern period Descartes seems to have taken this position.
it's too early to say
People are advised to book tickets early as it is expected that the show will sell out very quickly.
The early chapters are strong on narrative and pace but the ending sort of fades.
As we get into the post-Roman / early medieval period we have a series of bows from Denmark and Germany.
not much is known about the country's early history
An employee in his early thirties may well expect to retire at an earlier age than employees in their late fifties.
He might as well try this race, and if he did reach the finish line early , he could down the whiskey.