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earldom / графство, титул графа, земельные владения графа
имя существительное
county, earldom, shire
титул графа
земельные владения графа
имя существительное
the rank or title of an earl.
On the death of his brother Brien in 1562 he succeeded to the earldom , though his title was not recognized by Elizabeth until 1585.
We concede that were he able to pull off this feat, an earldom , as opposed to a mere honorary knighthood, would be a more appropriate reward.
Uhtred is the heir to the earldom of Bebbanburgh, now known as Bamburgh, in northern England, after his older brother and his father are killed by Viking raiders.
I am afraid I have seen only fragments of his programmes, but my desk is covered with letters from people who think he should be given a knighthood, or a hereditary earldom , for his campaign.
If a union met with his disapproval anywhere in his earldom , the proposal could be voided.
He was granted an earldom in 1944 and remained at his post until 1946.
When Earl Siward of Northumbria died two years later, his earldom went to Harold's brother Tostig.
Born in Montfort, he was well received by Henry when he arrived in England in 1230, allowed to claim the earldom of Leicester, and married the king's youngest sister Eleanor.
When he died, it went in turn to the third son, George, who founded the family of the Sinclairs of Mey which succeeded to the earldom in 1789.
In 1136, St Magnus' nephew, Rognvald, sailed into Pierowall during his invasion to seize the Orkney earldom .
By the end of the 9th century, the colonisation of Orkney had been so successful that it had become a Norwegian earldom .