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earful / нагоняй, взбучка, бесконечные разговоры
имя существительное
scolding, earful, rebuke, row, wigging, rowing
thrashing, earful, comeuppance, licking, walloping, spanking
бесконечные разговоры
имя существительное
a loud blast of a noise.
an earful of static
Get an earful of what the latest in techno-gadgetry sounds like on 10,000 sq. ft floor space, hosting international and national brands.
Because I am an ‘outsider’, I often get an earful .
I have no doubt her guests were regaled with tales of the idiocy of the yard crew, a rehearsal I am sure for the earful Rick is going to get bright and early in the morning.
These event organizers are going to get an earful about it.
I have not heard one negative thing from anybody about this year's festival, where last year I had a real earful from local musicians.
The commission got an earful of confused and angry voters on election day.
I heard an earful of that in the course of the campaign.
May I please have the writer's email address to give him an earful directly?
an earful of static
an earful of white noise