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earache / боль в ухе
имя существительное
боль в ухе
имя существительное
pain inside the ear.
Strep throat can cause a sore throat, fever, headache, earache , and pain when swallowing.
The classic findings of acute otitis media, such as fever and earache , are sometimes absent even in cases confirmed by tympanocentesis.
I also had a sharp pain in the left-hand side of my face, causing headache and earache .
The child should also be seen if after an initial period of improvement, the symptoms recur or new symptoms such as earache or headache appear.
Children with glue ear sometimes complain of slight earache .
I also have duller symptoms like a sore throat and earache , and the miserable conviction that this ailment will probably last for my entire holiday.
Her sleep is disturbed with coughing and she has earache .
A tireless voluntary worker died after contracting a deadly form of meningitis - just 12 hours after complaining of earache .
Most children with persistent earache on day 3 had mild pain, with a mean score of 2.6 on a scale of zero to 10.
Air fresheners and aerosols used in the home can cause diarrhoea and earache in youngsters and depression in their mothers, research suggested today.
Paramedics say they are sick of turning up to ‘life or death’ situations, only to find that people dialled emergency services because they have earache or toothache.