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ear / ухо, слух, колос
имя существительное
ear, eye, lug, earlap
hearing, rumor, hearsay, ear, talk, report
ear, spike, spica
ear, spire
давать початки
имя существительное
the organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates, especially the external part of this.
If the growth is large, then it may have caused more damage and this sometimes leads to some loss of hearing in the affected ear .
the seed-bearing head or spike of a cereal plant.
Plants were allowed to open-pollinate and all measurements were taken on plants with a fertilized ear .
The dignity inherent in the farmer's labour is enhanced rather than diminished as he turns every tenth ear of corn over to support those who labour in a different field.
As for you, the membership, many of you have offered an ear to listen, time to reflect, and many hours of friendship and support.
Hamilton delighted in Emma's ear for languages and music, and her theatrical flair, and in 1791 he contentedly married her.
Raccoons' habit of moving on to the next ear of corn before finishing the first makes them especially damaging to fields of both sweet corn and field corn.
Whispering softly into the patient's ear or holding a softly ticking wristwatch close to the ear can be helpful in making a gross evaluation of hearing.
Faith held the phone to her ear , listened to it ring, and waited for someone to pick up.
Why scratch your left ear with your right hand?
she has a good listening ear
And oh yeah, save her an ear of roasted corn and a cold frosty one for me, would ya?
ear of barley