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e-ticket / электронный билет
электронный билет
имя существительное
a reservation for an airline flight for which the details are recorded electronically without the issuing of a paper ticket.
By 2006, airlines hope to have completely replaced paper tickets with e-tickets .
I had an e-ticket my father had sent me for a flight to Florence, where he and my mom worked and lived.
Once you receive your booking confirmation and e-ticket you have a seat on the plane regardless of whether you bought the ticket from a consolidator or straight from the airline's ticket counter.
Buy an e-ticket , and you can check in from your home or office computer up to 30 hours before takeoff.
On good days, we think we are beginning to understand the Internet, master our e-mail, learn to order our e-ticket online so we can view the new DVD movie in the airplane seat we have chosen.
Customers will now be able to use a single e-ticket when traveling on an itinerary that includes both carriers.
An e-ticket can be printed out on one's home PC once ticket details are supplied by the airline website or travel agent.
With a monotonous tone she explained she did not have record of payment, it definitely was not an e-ticket and there was nothing she could do.
The average cost of issuing an e-ticket is only around US $1 or US $2 per ticket.
The new ways we do mundane things - tour colleges electronically, board airlines with e-tickets , and communicate digitally with family and friends - are now second nature, integral to our lives.
Most air travel sold online uses e-tickets and electronic confirmations, so products need not be stored in warehouses or shipped.