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e-business / электронный бизнес
электронный бизнес
The essence is that the cost of an e-business project could be many times the cost of an in-house project.
As it turns out, this more practical view is only serving to heighten interest in e-business .
The advent of the Internet and e-business has spawned new companies with a different mindset.
If you're going to get involved in e-business then your website will have to be integrated with your back office.
Any company that initiates an e-business effort has to consider every function of the business.
The e-business initiative is driven by Enterprise Ireland and the County Enterprise Boards.
In acquiring their original e-business employees, companies depended primarily on permanent staff.
Most of us would agree that a superb e-business Web site is one that meets all of our needs as quickly as possible.
The company will set up a European e-business centre in Clonshaugh together with an internet data centre.
London's mayor is to get an e-business adviser to promote e-commerce and hi-tech businesses in the capital.