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dysfunctional / дисфункциональный
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
not operating normally or properly.
the telephones are dysfunctional
Their brother flees from their dysfunctional family to the Army as soon as he is old enough to enlist.
She herself says that her dysfunctional family has actually weirdly helped her career.
But being in charge of a team that included known dysfunctional miscreants was hardly news to him.
Pushing children into dysfunctional or poorly functioning schools is making a mockery of the right to education.
Without that, the mechanism of justice delivery would become dysfunctional .
Streetlights, even on the main roads, have been dysfunctional for nearly 20 days now.
Government stonewalling and a dysfunctional justice system also jeopardized the case.
His distaste for computers runs deeper than the everyday annoyance of dysfunctional parts.
Did your lab reach the stage where it was quite dysfunctional in its operation?
It's not a threat to write a book about a dysfunctional intelligence organization.