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dysfunction / дисфункция
имя существительное
dysfunction, disfunction, malfunction
имя существительное
abnormality or impairment in the function of a specified bodily organ or system.
bowel dysfunction
Where do poverty, dysfunction , violence and high mortality rates fit into the analysis?
This is about the link between criminality and deprivation, family dysfunction and poor education.
The downside is the social dysfunction I witness amongst the spectators because of alcohol consumption.
She just doesn't get it - the depiction of family dysfunction is not a social evil.
bowel dysfunction
More fundamentally, such statistics do not address the issue of the conditions that give rise to social dysfunction .
She admits that there has been an element of dysfunction in all her relationships.
The focus on individuals' psychological dysfunction is not confined to education.
inner-city dysfunction
Every time I visited home since my grandma died, I saw more and more chaos and dysfunction in my family.