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dysentery / дизентерия
имя существительное
dysentery, bloody flux, flux
имя существительное
infection of the intestines resulting in severe diarrhea with the presence of blood and mucus in the feces.
There are no pus cells in the stool, thereby ruling out a bacterial diarrhea like shigella dysentery .
You do hear about outbreaks of things like cholera and dysentery as well as malaria.
While the tidal waves wreaked havoc, the death toll from epidemics caused by diseases such as dysentery , cholera and typhoid could be far higher.
Mortality during famines was rarely caused solely by starvation but from related diseases like dysentery , typhoid, and typhus.
Cholera, dysentery , tuberculosis, and other new diseases took my mother and my friends in a matter of months.
The pulp of Baobab fruits has a taste like the cream of tartar and is used to treat fever, dysentery and stomach ailments in some parts of Asia.
By August eighty-nine men were recorded in the hospital registers with having diarrhea or dysentery .
Although blood in the stool suggests invasive disease, fever is not a sensitive indicator of dysentery .
Sewage can carry cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and dysentery , all of which start with acute diarrhoea.
A recent study found that some urban rats were infected with organisms that could cause diseases including diarrhoea and dysentery .
Within weeks of the arrival of the new inmates, epidemics of typhus, dysentery , and tuberculosis were raging out of control.