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dynasty / династия
имя существительное
dynasty, house
имя существительное
a line of hereditary rulers of a country.
the Tang dynasty
The survivors of the English royal dynasty , led by Edgar the Atheling, fled to Malcolm's court in 1068.
Part of the club for 35 years, Garry Hughes and the Hughes family are a dynasty in rugby league circles.
Doreen has been Haworth's lollipop lady for 11 years and she is steadily building up a family dynasty in the job.
the Tang dynasty
the Guinness dynasty
How many rulers in the Herod dynasty are identified in Bible History?
The former vice president is the son of a US Senator and scion of a prominent political dynasty .
In 1740 war came again as the result of another succession crisis when the male line of the Habsburg dynasty came to an end.
The Bird dynasty , which has controlled the politics since independence, was voted out two months ago.
At the same time, the Bush women are a critical factor in the rise and success of the dynasty .