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dyke / дамба, дайка, плотина
имя существительное
dam, causeway, dike, dyke, levee, seawall
dike, dyke
dam, weir, dike, barrage, dyke, lock
защищать дамбой
dike, dyke
окапывать рвом
dike, dyke
осушать канавами
dyke, dike
имя существительное
a lesbian.
They lost a string of fortresses, and the province of Holland was only saved by a man-made flood when the dykes were deliberately opened.
The area flanks Lake Pontchartrain and suffered from floods when a canal dike burst.
Part of South Milford was flooded yesterday after swollen dykes overflowed into High Street, leaving the village playing field, post office and several houses under water.
He is remembered as a benevolent ruler who increased agricultural production and built dams, dikes , and bridges for the Vietnamese people.
More than 870,000 workers have been deployed to fight the floods and reinforce dykes along the Yangtze river.
The authorities began working frantically up the river, using whatever materials and means available to construct dykes , dams and levees.
With their gently sloping sides, Sanxingdui's walls may instead have been dikes for flood control.
The Netherlands is a land protected from flooding by dykes and dams.
They cleared it of stones and wood and built dykes and houses and herded cattle.
Over a quarter of the Netherlands lies below sea level, relying on a network of dykes , canals and pumps to stay dry.