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dyer / красильщик
имя существительное
dyer, dipper
имя существительное
a person whose trade is the dyeing of cloth or other material.
Weavers and dyers sell their cloth to men and women, who take it to tailors to make it into clothing.
What can I expect to pay if I take the dress to a professional dyer in Los Angeles?
Her mother worked as a cloth dyer , turning the fabric red and yellow and purple for the tailor to sew into beautiful clothes for the baron and his officials and their families to wear.
Until December, when he started working in this tattoo studio, he had switched between all kinds of jobs - from being a dyer to being an assistant in a pizza restaurant.
He was born in 1823 in the small town of Guebwiller in Alsace, where his father was a silk dyer .
This enables the dyer to create hanks of yarn that aren't too tightly wound together, ensuring that the dye bath can penetrate all of the fibres and preventing streaking.
In the cotton industry, for example, most firms either spun yarn or wove cloth, which was in turn sent to an independent dyer and finisher.
As a textile dyer , he had worked with katazome, a similar technique used for creating designs on textiles.
Soon galleons were transporting wholesale quantities of the dried bugs to dyers in the great textile centers of Europe.
For general instructions and for examples of patterns to tie, I found this guide, though simple, to be useful to most dyers .
Kone looks at the history of dyeing practices, the roles of women dyers , and their work structure.