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dye / краситель, краска, красящее вещество
имя существительное
dye, colorant, dyestuff, colourant
paint, dye, color, flush, stain, tint
красящее вещество
coloring matter, dye, dyestuff, color, stain, coloring
color, paint, dye, stain, do out, colour
paint, dye
dye, paint, stain, color, imbue, blot
имя существительное
a natural or synthetic substance used to add a color to or change the color of something.
For the most part, though, manufacturers adopted recipes using synthetic dyes, or mixtures of synthetic and natural dyes , to provide whatever colors were in demand.
add a color to or change the color of (something) by soaking it in a solution impregnated with a dye.
I dyed my hair blonde
I washed the black dye out of my hair and bleached it a bright white-blonde.
it's good material—it should dye well
I had bought a box of black hair dye earlier with the intention of using it, but had lost my nerve when I got home with it.
I quickly made way to the hair dye and looked at the many colors.
She had used the black hair dye to dye the bottom five inches of her flaming red hair black.
Tattoo dyes, particularly red dye , can cause allergic skin reactions, resulting in an itchy rash at the tattoo site.
Shelves lined the walls containing hair dye , gel, conditioner and a wide variety of shampoos and shaving lotions.
it's good material—it should dye well
blonde hair dye
I can dye your hair blonde and put on some make up.