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dyad / диада, двойка, пара
имя существительное
deuce, two, dyad
couple, pair, two, match, twosome, dyad
имя существительное
something that consists of two elements or parts.
the mother–child dyad
Intraclass correlation coefficients were calculated on one reliability file per dyad .
A nuclear protein binds selectively to the dyad Gpal element.
It follows, therefore, that the amount of support a child receives within this same-sex dyad would be a major determinant of psychosocial development and health over an individual's life course.
the mother–child dyad
The real intention behind this democracy/protest dyad is to tap the conviction of the protesters for some kind of warped endorsement of the very system they are protesting against.
You see, with one particular male-female dyad , provocative tensions were escalating rapidly.
A lack of awareness of this, and of the importance of protecting the mother-child dyad , can further contribute to a new father's role confusion.
They seem to embody a kind of masculine/feminine dyad , and their colour scheme draws attention to this even further.
The praise/critique dyad is a building block for personal growth; untempered praise is a poor foundation for life or a love of learning.
This index of association results in values ranging from - 1 to 1, of individuals in each dyad .