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dwindle / сокращаться, терять значение, уменьшаться
shrink, contract, shorten, dwindle, depopulate, close in
терять значение
dwindle, recede into the background
decrease, fall off, decline, diminish, lower, dwindle
diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength.
traffic has dwindled to a trickle
The premiums continue to rise each year while the amount of coverage seems to dwindle .
As the world's oil resources continue to dwindle , the competition to find an alternative fuel increases in intensity.
Though she was many miles away, he felt her aura gradually dim and dwindle until it faded completely away…
As the teams dwindle in size, they will merge into one new tribe name Barramundi.
That shout had a different tone to it; towards the end of his name, her voice seemed to dwindle , fading.
Though the amount of press it has seen has dwindled as of late, the show is still as exciting as ever.
As communities dwindled and merged, Shaker villages were gradually sold off.
As he strummed the song, with its hushed chorus that dwindles into a whisper by the end, the crowd knew it was one of those special cliched moments.
Her strength dwindled as four men grasped hold of her and dragged her away.
There is nothing wrong with the people - it is the investment which has gradually dwindled .