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duvet / одеяло
пуховое одеяло
feather duvet, blanket
имя существительное
a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets.
Use layers of thin blankets rather than duvets or quilts.
Do not use a duvet , quilt or pillow until your baby is over one year old.
The hotels now offer pillow-top beds with seven pillows, cushy duvets and luxurious sheets.
A collection is being organised for the victims of the Pakistani Earthquake and the requirements are blankets, duvets , sleeping bags and tents.
There were no fancy high-count sheets or plush duvets , but the bedding wasn't scratchy or thin, either.
The material is more associated with quilts and duvets ; the inside bit, the bit inside the sandwich, as it were!
The animal foundation is always in need of donations of old blankets and duvets .
A collection of clothes for the survivors of the Kashmir disaster is now in operation, clean blankets, duvets , shoes and children's clothes and crutches are all needed.
We slept in twin bedded rooms, with sheets and duvets provided, and the bathrooms were stocked with soap, towels, hair shampoo and dryers.
Moreover, its production creates less than half the greenhouse gases normally generated in producing synthetic fillings for duvets and pillows.
All rooms share the simple, contemporary look: dark-wood furniture and bare-board floors, primrose sheets and duvets , with black-and-white prints of the relevant winery.