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duty-free / беспошлинно
имя прилагательное
free of duty, duty-free, toll-free
имя прилагательное
exempt from payment of duty.
the permitted number of duty-free goods
Liquor and cigarettes will be sold by duty-free shops only if purchasers show their travel passports.
Between 30 million and 40 million leva of the monthly turnover of the duty-free shops will be blocked to secure the size of the due excise duty, the duty-free traders association said.
But I doubt they have luggage tags still attached and duty-free goods sitting next to them.
There are a couple of bars on board, as well as duty-free shops and a small play area for children.
Major retailers jump at the opportunity to set up shop in the ultimate duty-free zone.
Both boast the world's finest china, crystal, jewellery, linens, watches, fragrances, and designer clothing, all at duty-free prices, plus local crafts and souvenirs.
Officials, keen to test the effectiveness of the new procedures, were aghast when they managed to smuggle dangerous items through the security checks and into the duty-free area.
This assessment, however, was disputed in the airline's board approved strategic plan, which valued the duty-free operations at less than US $3 million.
Those countries already enjoy duty-free access for many of their products, and the CAFTA will actually expand our opportunities to sell our goods and services into those markets.
In April, the government set out the conditions for foreign and local automobile manufacturers interested in importing key car components duty-free .