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duty / долг, обязанность, пошлина
имя существительное
debt, duty, obligation, credit, trust, liability
duty, responsibility, obligation, office, business, ought
duty, fee, toll, tax, custom, lot
имя прилагательное
duty, orderly
service, official, duty, ancillary, on-duty
official, formal, regular, solemn, ceremonial, duty
имя существительное
a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.
it's my duty to uphold the law
a task or action that someone is required to perform.
the queen's official duties
a payment due and enforced by law or custom, in particular.
Strip the Church of its tax exemption and levy huge duties against its property value.
the measure of an engine's effectiveness in units of work done per unit of fuel.
Many governments put tariffs on the import of goods, whether stated as an import duty or a sales tax only on imported goods.
Let the occasional duty visits be brief and bearable.
a duty nurse
Under the terms of the legislation, horse and greyhound racing are guaranteed income from excise duty on off-course betting.
If the object were to use the pricing mechanism to stop young people from imbibing or indulging in alcohol, why would one decrease the excise duty on high-alcohol spirits?
If you buy from Britain, be sure to double-check the precise duty on your prospective purchase with the Vehicle Registration Office before you go for it.
I hope the government would not shirk its responsibility and discharge its moral and legal duty by taking stringent action against such venomous statement.
combat duty in the army
Although they were simply exempted from military duty in the past, they are now being punished for willingly violating the Conscription Law.
It's compulsory here and I think it's only right that I do my duty for the country, just like everyone else does.