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dutiable / облагаемый
облагаемый пошлиной
подлежащий обложению
имя прилагательное
liable to customs or other duties.
dutiable goods
He said diesel accounted for only a small portion of the taxes from dutiable commodities, which include alcohol and tobacco.
Until the Underwood-Simmons Tariff of 1913 significantly reduced the Civil War rates, the tariff on dutiable goods often approached 50 percent of their value.
The monetary union insures that dutiable revenues are distributed fairly.
Article 13 requires, subject to Article 15, that authorized warehouse keepers shall give compulsory guarantees to cover movement of the dutiable goods.
Moreover, a larger number of goods, including laptops, PCs, VCD players and VCRs will no longer be dutiable while the limit for bringing in alcohol as personal baggage has been doubled.
Currently, salaula is dutiable at 25 per cent or the equivalent of K1,974 per kg.
Congress raised duties even higher in 1828 (to a 44 percent average on dutiable imports).
Your client does not like his decision, but at least on one view this Court could simply say the statute says conveyance, referring to the title, that is what the dutiable instrument says, end of question.
With an independent Confederacy, Northern goods would have been transformed into dutiable foreign trade.
For tax allocation purposes, assuming an equal consumption of liquor, tobacco and other dutiable items, then the implication is that Maori would bear 84 per cent of customs duties.