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duteous / исполненный сознания долга, послушный долгу, покорный
имя прилагательное
исполненный сознания долга
duteous, dutiful
послушный долгу
dutiful, duteous
obedient, submissive, humble, resigned, docile, duteous
respectful, dutiful, reverent, deferential, reverential, duteous
имя прилагательное
a duteous vassal
Whenever Buckingham doth turn his hate Upon your grace [to the queen], but with all duteous love Doth cherish you and yours, God punish me With hate in those where I expect most love!
Everything was changing its aspect: her husband's conduct, her own duteous feeling towards him, every struggle between them - and yet more, her whole relation to him.
It is true that the majority physicians are duteous to their patients.
She is ever duteous when addressing them, but betrays her true character to the audience.
Is love the ultimate essential factor in a marriage, or is it the duteousness and fidelity?
Sonnet 10 serves four functions: ‘a tribute to an uncorrupted public official, a tribute to friendship with a woman,… an endorsement of civil duteousness in the person of Isocrates,’ and an attack on a corrupt public official.
Patches of skin and blood were found on various living room walls and the cops had duteously sent several wallpaper swatches to the crime lab, skin and blood intact.
And yet we are wont to date our birth, as that of the babes we christen, from the body's advent, so duteously inscribed in our family registers, as if time and space could chronicle the periods of the immortal mind, and mark its longevity by our chronometers.
He emptied the compartments duteously , packed the unsold goods in large canvas sacks, tidying them away behind the two bottom doors of his cart.
He has a character for his piousness, duteousness , and opposability and receives many clients I trust.