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dusty / пыльный, сухой, как пыль
имя прилагательное
dusty, adust
dry, dried, arid, dead, desiccated, dusty
как пыль
имя прилагательное
covered with, full of, or resembling dust.
dusty old records
She noticed that his skin was a pale, dusty white and his breath was shallow.
His parents are so dull and dusty , you wonder whether he was a foundling.
The blooms of this variety are dusty pink on the back of the petals and greenish on the inside with pale, dull yellow stamens.
My closets are full of rolls of dusty concert posters in foreign languages.
The box room at home quickly became a sound library and every available inch was taken up with dusty old records.
A houndstooth wool anchored the season, with touches of dusty rose and pale lemon.
It was very dusty , and was covered in wood shavings, giving it a feel and smell like a high school shop classroom.
The strips of clouds around the glow were a dusty pink, the sky above the still dotted with fading stars.
Madame sighed and lifted the hem of her long, dusty rose pink dress out of the snow with her free hand.
The dusty canvas that covered it was worn through in several places, leaving small holes in the fabric.