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dusky / сумеречный, темный, смуглый
имя прилагательное
twilight, dusk, crepuscular, dusky
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, dusky
dark, swarthy, dusky, brown, black, swart
gloomy, dusky, gray, dusk, dun, grey
имя прилагательное
darkish in color.
dusky red
Back then, the question of water quality in the Huangpu or Suzhou Creek was not an issue and one can imagine tourists bathing in the dusky light on a summer evening before returning to the Astor for an evening meal, drinks and a dance.
We are standing in a spacious kitchen painted a dusky pink colour that, were it a lipstick or nail varnish, would be called Plum Beautiful or Berry Sorbet.
The chipped off-white of the wall behind her stood out starkly against her unusual dusky complexion and tan-and-green attire.
Dead muscle is dusky in colour, shows little tendency to bleed, and does not contract to forceps pressure.
The flowers are big, bold and abundant, and they come in several colors - pinks, purples, dusky reds, white, pale green and even some yellows.
It is similar to the outdoors Red Hot Poker but its colour, a dusky pink, is much less aggressive.
They were concerned about her dusky complexion and how that would affect her prospects in landing a good catch in the marriage market.
I have a dusky conure, and she is that parakeet's twin.
The light was becoming dusky so I decided that sidelights were probably the way to go.
The crunch leaves of autumn had shrivelled and the sun was a lazy, dusky peach colour.