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dusk / сумерки, сумрак
имя существительное
dusk, twilight, nightfall, gloaming, candlelight, crepuscule
dusk, twilight, duskiness
dusk, be gloaming
имя прилагательное
twilight, dusk, crepuscular, dusky
gloomy, dusky, gray, dusk, dun, grey
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, dusk
имя существительное
the darker stage of twilight.
dusk was falling rapidly
grow dark.
he saw the lights blaze in the dusking sky
имя прилагательное
shadowy, dim, or dark.
She refused to be startled by the shifting dusk shadows.
In the half-light his mind tricks would work more effectively, since the dusk was conducive to belief more than was high noon.
As dusk falls their hemlines get higher, their V-lines lower, more revealing, vulgar.
he arrived at dusk
As dusk fell only one had taken them up on the offer - the rest opting to remain in their homes or stay with relatives.
As he stood up against the fading light of the dusk , the hard trek was behind.
She refused to be startled by the shifting dusk shadows.
The island was enveloped in the shades of dusk and the wind from the sea was extremely cold.
As the dusk fell, heart-wrenching songs on the plight of child workers were sung.
Hours passed, the dusk of curfew crept, the body remained.
shortly before dusk