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duration / продолжительность, длительность
имя существительное
duration, lasting, length, continuance, persistence, endurance
duration, lasting, durability, continuance, endurance, value
имя существительное
the time during which something continues.
the subway stop has been closed for the duration of the convention
The session may be defined in a number of ways, possibly in terms of a time duration or a number of uses.
The only time in the duration of the interview when she stopped smiling was when she almost burst into tears.
The decision to decrease the duration of water supply by two hours in a day is a double whammy.
The duration of the growth response was evaluated on elongation rate graphs.
The duration of incubation depended on the tissues under study and the stage of plant development.
The time frame for our study was 4.7 years, the mean duration of patient follow up.
A club is for life, not just for a season, nor a spell of success, nor the duration of a new fashionable strip.
a flight of over eight hours' duration
a flight of over eight hours' duration
bicycle hire for the duration of your holiday