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duplicate / дубликат, копия, запасная часть
имя существительное
duplicate, counterpart, double, doublet, spare, tally
copy, replica, duplicate, counterpart, carbon copy, reproduction
запасная часть
spare part, spare, duplicate
duplicate, double, dub, understudy, stand in, fold
multiply, propagate, duplicate, manifold, mimeograph
double, redouble, duplicate, reduplicate, geminate
имя прилагательное
double, dual, twin, binary, twofold, duplicate
doubled, double, duplicated, twofold, reduplicated, duplicate
analogous, analogical, parallel, analogic, duplicate
имя прилагательное
exactly like something else, especially through having been copied.
a duplicate license is issued to replace a valid license which has been lost
having two corresponding or identical parts.
a duplicate application form
имя существительное
one of two or more identical things.
books may be disposed of if they are duplicates
a pawnbroker's ticket.
And then you got another ticket, called the duplicate , with the date changed and another stamp on it.
make or be an exact copy of.
a unique scent, impossible to duplicate or forget
It takes about 20 minutes to cook on the griddle, arrives piping hot, and is covered in a tasty Japanese sauce I haven't been able to duplicate at home.
Don't try to duplicate someone else's success.
In many cases, only the locksmith who installed the original system can make duplicate keys.
You can even maintain balance in positions impossible to duplicate with free weights.
It addressed the issue of duplicate entries and excess paperwork, instead allowing for immediate on site recording of all maintenance work.
We begin by doing a community profile to assess what the needs are in the area, because it's important not to duplicate services that already exist.
A point-in-time copy represents an exact duplicate of a data volume at the moment the copy was created.
But making a duplicate for a lost key needs more imagination.
Oh yeah, you may scoff but soon you'll be copying my pink eye look and trying to duplicate my Gabriel's trumpet-like sneeze.
I have a house on a quarter acre in a south Dublin suburb with enough room to build a duplicate of the existing house in the side garden.