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dupe / простофиля, жертва обмана, лох
имя существительное
dupe, simp, simpleton, ninny, gawk, patsy
жертва обмана
dupe, touch, cully, fall guy
goof, hick, nerd, dupe, pigeon, muff
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, dupe
fool, dupe, niggle, befool, make a fool, blindfold
cheat, make a fool, befool, dupe, hype
имя существительное
a victim of deception.
knowing accomplices or unknowing dupes
deceive; trick.
the newspaper was duped into publishing an untrue story
Never mind that he seemed more like an innocent dupe entrapped by the intelligence services of Russia, Britain, and the U.S. The case against him has never been brought to trial, so we'll never know.
This did not mean the united front was a trick to dupe workers into joining the Communist parties.
During the fights in the film, he had taken risks in doing all the stunts on his own, without the use of a dupe or a body double.
You could dupe however many copies you wanted, right?
how to dupe 35 mm slides on to 35 mm film
The consumer may also be a dupe , the victim of exploitation by powerful interests.
Essentially it was one of being an innocent dupe .
Far from responding like innocent dupes , we armed ourselves with wariness.
We are fond of dismissing the participants as dupes , but we are the bigger fools for believing that the shows represent some kind of truth.
The operation was launched after dozens of complaints from members of the public who had been duped into buying poor quality goods.