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duo / дуэт, актерская пара
имя существительное
duet, duo, duett, duetto
актерская пара
имя существительное
a pair of people or things, especially in music or entertainment.
the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy
a duet.
he wrote two duos for violin and viola
two; having two.
The duo used to enter those houses whose doors were open and pick up mobile phones.
The pair play private gigs as a duo and coach the Accrington St John Ambulance Bagpipe band.
City have still to taste defeat when the experienced duo are paired together.
The comedy duo have infiltrated the building and even managed to acquire their own office.
Alan sings in pubs, loves karaoke and used to travel the UK in a comedy duo with his nephew.
the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy
They could probably make it as a comedy duo if the music career falters.
the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy
The duo hope the new night will become a focus for music talent in Upper Eden.
Although music is a serious business for the duo , mention of sex glorifies rather than trivialises it.