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dunno / не знаю
не знаю
(I) do not know.
He thinks his beard was worth two grand, well it was worth two grand I believe, but now that it's pink I just dunno .
But, I dunno , we were just talking about that and also about the title to our next album.
I dunno , having just seen the second episode of the new season, I don't know how they're going to come back from this.
Not a bad day to start a Tuesday morning, or is it Friday today, oh I dunno .
I dunno what to do with myself now, and have so much work on at the moment that I may as well cancel at least one of those days off and go on into the office as per usual.
I dunno , they sound like reasonable people to cast if you ask me.
I dunno , I always turned it off after 5 minutes - it always seemed like cheap slapstick to me.
I dunno , I'm no style guru myself, but it breaks my heart to see people dressed like twits
I dunno … is there anyone out there who can actually get worked up one way or the other over this?
I dunno , every time I scoped it out I found it impossible to meet folk I liked or trusted enough to commit to it further.
I dunno , we'd meet up in the evenings and weekends, but I never really socialized with people in my classes that much.