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dunk / замочить, макать, смочить
dunk, drabble, kill, bedabble
dunk, dip, sop
moisten, damp, dunk
dip (bread or other food) into a drink or soup before eating it.
she dunked a piece of bread into her coffee
score by shooting the ball down through the basket with the hands above the rim.
He lined up 4 guys under the basket and dunked over all of them.
имя существительное
a shot downward into the basket with the hands above the rim.
I was making everything: jump shots, lay-ups, dunks .
Just dunk them in boiling water for a minute, or layer them up in the dish with your sauces.
Once I got the ball my one intention was to dunk , and I didn't let anything get in my way.
She enjoys it like you would a good olive oil, scanning it for flavour and nuance - I think she'd dunk her bread in it if the artichoke soup hadn't claimed it first.
My method is to dunk each fruit in a glass of champagne and eat it whole while still dripping.
Make sure your hands are warm - dunk them in hot water to take away any surface chill.
At our school we have several kids that can dunk but can't make the basketball team.
There's no such thing as a cup of tea or coffee - it's served in bowls and it's quite acceptable to dunk your brioche (but in a nice, polite way).
Some historians believe that our ancestors used to dunk pieces of scorched bread into tankards of beer or wine to improve the taste, but it is hard to imagine how foul their brew must have been.
They each tore at their individual bagels, spread cream cheese on the torn off piece, and proceeded to dunk the piece in a communal cup of coffee.
Tonight there will be row upon row of long tables set up, where the brave gastronome can tuck into boiled snails or dunk fresh bread into pots of hot, unidentified tagine: Morocco is not ideal for vegetarians.