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dungeon / темница, подземная тюрьма, главная башня
имя существительное
подземная тюрьма
главная башня
donjon, keep, dungeon
сажать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, lock up, put to prison, gaol, dungeon
бросать в темницу
имя существительное
a strong underground prison cell, especially in a castle.
For the past seventeen years he has been kept prisoner in the castle dungeons .
imprison (someone) in a dungeon.
It is possible to fight as many as a thousand creatures in one dungeon .
The underground dungeon wasn't guarded at all.
Instead of building a fantasy-themed dungeon , you carve your lair out of volcanoes on tropical islands and manage henchmen and minions.
The underground dungeon , for example, is the equivalent to a new ‘spawning’ area in an online game.
Searching through one random dungeon after the next, hoping to find treasure of one sort or another, all the while hacking and blasting away on all sorts of enemies is great.
‘We will be wed this very night, unless you wish to find yourself in the castle dungeon before dawn,’ I told him.
One of their catches gets kept in the dungeon of their castle, to be sucked and dined on nightly.
A thrilling and highly intuitive, but slightly simplistic boss fight awaits him at the end of each dungeon .
She miraculously encountered the prison dungeon and entered to get some answers.
The slaves pulled a lever and a trap door opened in the floor to reveal an underground dungeon filled with hundreds of human prisoners.