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dung / навоз, помет, удобрение
имя существительное
manure, dung, muck, droppings, ordure
litter, dung, scat, fall
fertilizer, manure, manuring, soil, enrichment, dung
унавоживать землю
fertilize, nourish, manure, enrich, dung, dress
имя существительное
the excrement of animals; manure.
The scent of dung from the nearby manure pile also makes it difficult to breathe.
drop or spread dung on (a piece of ground).
But avoid dunging ground that you plan to use for carrots and parsnips
They also provide dung for manure and fuel, and they pull ploughs and carts.
Even insects may visit locally concentrated sources of ions like brackish seeps or the urine and dung of larger animals.
The scent of dung from the nearby manure pile also makes it difficult to breathe.
Round huts called mundals are made from poles and brush or vines plastered with mud, animal dung , and ashes and covered with a broad, cone-shaped thatched roof.
It contains particles from fires set to clear jungles for farming, and from the millions of households that burn coal, wood or animal dung for heating and cooking.
Muck in the seventeenth century meant, unequivocally, animal dung .
It doesn't feel like it did half an hour ago, before we found the pile of dung , shafts of light coming through the spaces between maples and conifers and filtered sun dappling the ground.
Another flash of lightning lit the cave with something that was not quite daylight, and he saw the remains of a fire pit, with a stack of desiccated animal dung next to it.
But I do wear fragrance every day - it helps mask the smell of dung from mucking out the pony.
Animal dung , still used as fertilizer, was piled up in the Sicilian streets awaiting use.