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dumpy / унылый, коренастый
имя прилагательное
sad, dull, bleak, dismal, despondent, dumpy
stocky, chunky, thickset, stumpy, squat, dumpy
имя существительное
невысокий коренастый человек
dump, dumpy
имя прилагательное
(of a person) short and stout.
her plain, dumpy sister
(of a room or building) ugly, dirty, and run-down.
a dumpy little diner with a "closed" sign hanging in the window
The Essex coast can be quite dumpy at times, but I do have a soft spot for it - especially when it's not quite in season.
Sitting in his dumpy room, smoking cigarettes, he tries to find a little consolation by talking to his dead brother.
So I took my tab and laid down on a mattress in a dumpy apartment on the Lower East Side and awaited a divine incarnation.
Even if we get a good place to live down here, I'm still going to miss that dumpy old apartment.
I steered it out of the dumpy garage and into the private street that led out to the city.
In one hilarious scene, this frazzled, menopausal, dumpy housewife eyes up a parking space in the supermarket car park.
You see attractive women dating schlumps all the time, but when's the last time you saw a decent looking guy with a dumpy woman?
We played a show at this dumpy bar last night, in a neighbourhood that smelled like a wharf.
If the world was going to end, I was going to be at home… not in a dumpy school.
It's an evolution of the previous design, with more masculine light clusters and a less dumpy appearance.