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dummy / манекен, кукла, болван
имя существительное
dummy, mannequin, manikin, model, mannikin, layman
doll, puppet, dummy, poppet
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, dolt
имя прилагательное
fictitious, dummy, bogus, mock, null
idle, unmarried, single, dummy, celibate, empty
false, spurious, mock, dummy, pseudo, erroneous
имя существительное
a model or replica of a human being.
a waxwork dummy
something designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual thing; a counterfeit or sham.
tests using stuffed owls and wooden dummies
a stupid person.
But the devil with the horns was looked upon as a kind of fool's gold, taught to dummies too stupid to grasp the honest ideology of actual wrongdoing.
create a prototype or mock-up of a book or page.
officials dummied up a set of photos
a tailor's dummy
a dummy torpedo
With a revolver, simply give the cylinder a spin so that you do not know whether to expect a live or a dummy round.
I think people don't use ‘it’ for exactly that reason Todd - it's so often an expletive or a dummy pronoun that it would get confusing.
The unfortunate fact is that any dummy can assemble a list of keywords and upload their smartpages in just a few minutes.
dummy whist
A dummy camera was set up earlier this year to prevent cars using the bus gate.
Use this scoring method for you and the dummy players west, north, and east players.
For many years, in all weathers, a Swanndri-wearing tailor's dummy stood proudly outside his shop to show durability.
‘We use their counter-top display that has one of their lights on a dummy gun,’ he said.