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dumbo / дурачок, простофиля
имя существительное
nincompoop, ninny, airhead, dummy, nut, dumbo
dupe, simp, simpleton, ninny, gawk, dumbo
имя существительное
a stupid person.
After lengthy consideration I decided that the intellectual standard was a bit too high already for some of you dumbos out there, so instead I am starting a review column.
Of course dumbo , you've been there a million times, why?
No, dumbo , that's what you were told by the people who run the show!
Yes, if the athlete is dehydrated, any water will accomplish that, dumbo !
As for the government, this dumbo claims that it's democratic, but as you know, it is a one-man sectarian dictatorship.
That is the best and only plan we have, dumbo , and I suggest we stick to it like we did before you had your stupid idea!
Notes were being passed between him and some blonde dumbo , who considered herself an ‘intellectual’ cheerleader.
So get back in bed you dumbo … or you'll freeze to death.
But you'd have to be a complete dumbo not to have picked things up from him.
I gave this dumbo a short, sharp, answer long ago, but he's still carrying on about this nonsense.
Face first in the wall, the books were scattered all over the place and I just stood there like a dumbo .