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dumbfound / ошарашить, огорошить, ошеломлять
deal a body blow, dumbfound, strike dumb
dumbfound, knock back
stun, overwhelm, bemuse, numb, knock, dumbfound
greatly astonish or amaze.
they were dumbfounded at his popularity
Every now and then my own life does dumbfound me.
The ability of all these top-level singers to deliver whole programmes from memory never ceases to amaze and dumbfound me.
For me, it just absolutely dumbfounds me how, as citizens of the United States, we own these parks, we own these national forests.
What dumbfounds me, though, is when they call me ‘mate’.
You'll dislike this show while watching it, but an hour later you'll be dumbfounded by its cunning.
We were dumbfounded at this rudeness and I got up and knelt on the clay floor.
On several occasions during a trip to London last week I was dumbfounded by the evidence of this.
‘Music is important for me,’ she says, probably dumbfounding her detractors in the process.
She was dumbfounded at this magical event, and stood there open mouthed for a long time, looking at this strange object in her own hand.
Now it was Adam who was dumbfounded as he stared in astonishment at the card in his hands.