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duke / герцог, эрцгерцог
имя существительное
archduke, duke
имя существительное
a male holding the highest hereditary title in the British and certain other peerages.
We're all expected to be there, and all the nobles will be there - lords, ladies, counts, viscounts, dukes , duchesses, barons, baronesses, and marquises; all of them.
the fists, especially when raised in a fighting attitude.
She said a custodian at their building noted that when Affinity first moved into its current home in 1998, the women had one of two demeanors: They were visibly frightened or had their dukes up to fight.
fight it out.
They're at it again, baseball owners and players, as if they didn't have enough money, duking it out off the field with a strike date set for August 30th.
From the seventh century the tribal duke became an almost independent sovereign.
The castles of the rebellious barons were razed and the nobles never challenged the duke 's power again.
The duke and duchess met key figures involved in the building and running of the health centre, before being taken on a guided tour of the facilities.
In 1236, he became an independent duke of Novogorod during a very hard period for Russia.
Even now I hardly care who it is whether it be a baron, a duke , an earl, or a lowly serf.
Besides, the duke and the duchess still had much to discuss with each other.
The servants of a duke or marquis had seven rows of curls on their state wigs, six on their house wigs and five on their carriage wigs.
But while England had nobles, it did not have a nobility; legally, the son of a duke or marquis could be only a commoner.
She was also introduced to several lords, dukes and soon to be counts and barons, who were her age.
I've had my moments in the past - fortunately on very few occasions - where I've had to raise the old dukes as a means of self-defence; but I've always used force purely as a deterrent.