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dugout / землянка, блиндаж, челн
имя существительное
dugout, blindage, funk-hole
canoe, prow, dugout
имя существительное
a shelter that is dug in the ground and roofed over, especially one used by troops in warfare.
Areas within the trenches, known as dugouts , were furnished with a table and chairs and a few wire-mesh bunks for resting.
a canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk.
The afternoon light was fading, and after some negotiations with the locals, I found myself in a dugout canoe being paddled around the edge of the lake near the crater walls that disappeared into the clear depths.
I walked back to the dugout and confronted my coach.
He takes his infield and outfield gloves into the dugout for each game.
I requested media passes far in advance and took advantage of the opportunity to access the field and dugout prior to the game.
I accompanied Dad and the team on the plane, on the team bus rides, in the press box at each game, and even an occasion in the dugout and on the field during batting practice.
First-time managers are best served in the dugout by former major league skippers or veteran coaches.
I had to walk on the field of play to get back to the dugout , for fear of being hit.
Since both teams were in the dugout , which was below field grade, there was little to be done but fight one's way out.
Thousands of New Englanders had made the trip to Toronto, many of them arriving early and lining up four deep from behind the first base dugout to the right field foul pole.
A bunch of Afghan soldiers emerged from a dugout to look at us with some curiosity.
The missing knowledge, they believe, is in the locker room, the dugout , the team bus, the psychology of the players and the relations among them.