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duffer / тупица, фальшивая монета, коробейник
имя существительное
jerk, dunce, dullard, schmuck, numskull, duffer
фальшивая монета
false coin, bad coin, base coin, spurious coin, duffer, stumer
peddler, pedlar, duffer, pedler, chapman, faker
имя существительное
an incompetent or stupid person, especially an elderly one.
he's the most worthless old duffer
His site is clear and helpful and even an aging HTML duffer like me can figure out how to do it (after a little thought).
Alf was a complete duffer when it came to mechanical things such as refilling a ballpoint pen.
a complete duffer at languages
But as he noted on June 15: ‘We seem to be on track, but as us duffer golfers like to say, it's not a gimme putt.’
The doors opened and two aged citizens emerged, a withered old crow and a thin old duffer .
But the truth is, even the best pros can have a difficult time teaching the intricacies of the golf swing to a weekend duffer who has little time to practice.
I am not some old duffer who wants to spoil your fun.
Presidential power switched from the hands of a stumbling Republican duffer to a passive Democratic peanut farmer.
The wife and I are going to beach resort for a couple of weeks and I thought I'd pick up a couple of pointers so as not to look like a complete duffer !
Well it's forty-eight hours on, and Lisa and I have successfully settled into our new life and formed a love triangle with a white-haired old duffer called Oscar.