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duffel / спортивный костюм, шерстяная байка, снаряжение
имя существительное
спортивный костюм
duffle, duffel
шерстяная байка
duffel, duffle
equipment, outfit, rig, kit, accoutrement, duffel
туристический костюм
duffel, duffle
снаряжение туриста
duffel, duffle
our duffel was already stacked by the cook tent
a duffel hat
The hangings are made of Scotland duffel wool, a thick, blanket-like material used to make Inuit parkas.
The driver was white, 22 to 23 years old, with a goatee beard, wearing glasses, a black hat and duffel jacket.
Krystal dragged her black duffle and hunter green sleeping bag up the stairs first.
The other campers were currently tossing down their duffels .
Adam takes out from his duffle three wool blankets and raps himself in them.
The air in the carpeted area behind the lanes was becoming stifling as campers squished together with their duffels .
Then I set my duffle down and put my pillow on the ground and spread out my blanket.
I saw Joey and Jimmy retrieving their duffels too, and reached down to get mine.