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duff / пудинг, штыб, вареный пудинг
имя существительное
pudding, duff, pud
rubble, breeze, gum, small coal, duff
вареный пудинг
renovate, refresh, brush up, furbish, duff, refurnish
falsify, fake, adulterate, doctor, gerrymander, duff
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, duff
имя существительное
a flour pudding boiled or steamed in a cloth bag.
a currant duff
decaying vegetable matter covering the ground under trees.
It's about 60 years since this area has burned, and duff is all that stuff that collects for years.
coal dust; dross.
a person's buttocks.
I did not get where I am today by sitting on my duff
beat someone up.
Last time we met, I kept thumping her on the leg as a way demonstrating my affection and she duffed me up .
mishit (a shot).
It looks as if your ball is just sitting up, but you have got to be careful when you take a big swing because your feet move and you can duff your shot entirely.
имя прилагательное
of very poor quality.
duff lyrics
a currant duff
The recording quality's a bit duff , though it's tempting to think that the distortions and drop outs are a result of the machinery's inability to capture this music rather than poor engineering.
The man's never made a duff movie.
But the album itself was phenomenal, and the thing is, there's not a duff song on it… it's all amazing.
Old hands looked for a spot on the uphill side of a tree, where the years had gathered enough soil, topped with duff , to make a reasonable couch, once a few pine cones and rocks had been removed.
Dinner might be a roast with potatoes and onions, with a duff for pudding.
With compilation albums you always get at least one or two duff tracks, because someone else's idea of what makes a good compilation will never fit in with your own idea.
Gradually she realised that, in the scale of things, picking a duff outfit wasn't so terrible.
I thought I'd bought a duff batch but it seems not to be the case as the CD burner reads them fine.
This is just a superficial treatment for now, but we will explain it with examples when our economics guy gets off his duff and finishes the article for us.