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duet / дуэт
имя существительное
duet, duo, duett, duetto
имя существительное
a performance by two people, especially singers, instrumentalists, or dancers.
The stage is fully lit throughout the first four movements but darkened for the fifth and final movement in which the dancers perform a love duet encircled by strong beams of light.
perform a duet.
Her guitarist had only a week to learn the chords, but they duetted wonderfully.
Hayes' first public performance was a duet with his sister at church when he was 3.
Her singing voice was outstanding, whether in the crowd-pleasing protest performance or in a duet with Arnold's Joanne.
In fact, so delighted were they that clapping could hardly be kept down several times in mid-performance, especially following the famous duet between Papageno and Papagena.
I half expected him to duet with Elmo or Big Bird over breakfast.
The song is a duet between a bloke who pines for a woman who passes him on an escalator and a hypothetical version of the girl in question.
The first half will include a soprano duet by Handel and a composition by Philip Martin for viola, cello and piano.
Fascinated by toys and their miniature mechanisms, Ravel wrote his Mother Goose suite for two musical children as a four-hand duet .
So I choose the featured DJ for that gig, and then I pick a few musicians and we duet with the DJ, and then we all play together at the end.
Luciano Pavarotti and Tom Jones are to duet on a rendition of the 1968 hit Delilah during a charity concert in Modena on Tuesday night.
And more than that it was an opportunity, possibly unique in Motson's career so far, to duet with Mark Knopfler in front of a live national television audience.