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due / должное, то, что причитается
имя существительное
due, tribute
то, что причитается
имя прилагательное
due, conditioned, caused, conditional, specified, given
due, proper, owing, just, indebted
proper, good, due, right, fitting, expedient
exactly, precisely, accurately, just, for sure, due
direct, right, straight, directly, live, due
имя прилагательное
expected at or planned for at a certain time.
the baby's due in August
of the proper quality or extent; adequate.
driving without due care and attention
(with reference to a point of the compass) exactly; directly.
we'll head due south again on the same road
имя существительное
a person's right; what is owed to someone.
he attracts more criticism than is his due
an obligatory payment; a fee.
he had paid union dues for years
Its destination was Christmas Island, an Australian territorial outpost, about 300 nautical miles due south of Sumatra.
But he knew that this was something he could not automatically expect as his due .
I have to wonder whether my critics have truly read it with due care and attention.
A special executive meeting of the union, due tomorrow, is now expected to sanction strike action.
Mr Brennan said accidents could be avoided if due care and attention was taken and he urged all involved in farm work to do so.
What prevents the taxi driver from pretending that payment is still due , pointing to the amount displayed by the meter?
As one might expect with due deference to his age his recollection was not always absolutely accurate on the detail of each joint financial transaction over the last decade.
Paul, my little ceramic penguin in the study always faces due south.
However, a final decision on the plan which was due before Christmas, is now not expected until the end of this month at the earliest.
We thought he was surely due for retirement even two years ago, but he's shown today that there's certainly life in those old legs yet.