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dudgeon / обида, кинжал с деревянной рукояткой, возмущение
имя существительное
hurt, offense, insult, grievance, wrong, dudgeon
кинжал с деревянной рукояткой
disturbance, perturbation, indignation, resentment, rebellion, dudgeon
имя существительное
a feeling of offense or deep resentment.
the manager walked out in high dudgeon
Although they were eventually put back on the rails, the bad odour lingered, and was not dispelled when a non-executive director quit in high dudgeon .
In high dudgeon I proudly stalked away to my dressing room near the boiler room in the cellar.
On the night I visited the Goldminer's Inn the bloggers were in high dudgeon .
He's bald, has a bit of a belly and seems to be in high dudgeon for much of the day.
I am getting around to saying that as easygoing and nonconfrontational as San Diego is, the community this week has been in what, for it, represents a high dudgeon .
Does this mean that all the moral high dudgeon from the media last year was crocodile tears and that they never really cared about children?
the manager walked out in high dudgeon
The whole thing had me in high dudgeon .
But it wasn't just that inconsistency which distressed me: it was the feeling that he was on the verge of extreme dudgeon before I could press the matter one inch further.
In high dudgeon he interjected, ‘You obviously don't watch the show.‘