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dude / чувак, пижон, хлыщ
имя существительное
dude, elegant, coxcomb, zooty, fopling, teddy-boy
dude, fop, popinjay, coxcomb, smart aleck, smarty
имя прилагательное
foppish, dude, dandy
имя существительное
a man; a guy.
if some dude smacked me, I'd smack him back
dress up elaborately.
my brother was all duded up in silver and burgundy
Additionally, any man that can maintain a relationship with Lois Lane has got be a cool dude .
Hey dude , I heard that they posted notice of my freedom on your website today, and I am sorry but you got false information.
‘That looks sick, dude ,’ Luke chirps, snapping his goggles into place.
We run into each other quite often - he's a cool dude .
if some dude smacked me, I'd smack him back
If banality is engulfing humankind, they've rallied with the cry: ‘Surf's up, dude !’
They'd probably just send me emails of congratulatory thanks, signing off with, ‘thanks, dude .’
Hey dude , hold on, Pontius has something to say about April Fool's.
Don't turn a blind eye to this mega-chain, dude .
Hey dude , thought you said you wanted to talk about the future?