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duct / канал, проток, трубопровод
имя существительное
channel, canal, duct, conduit, opening, tract
duct, channel, passage
pipeline, conduit, piping, pipe, duct, manifold
имя существительное
a channel or tube for conveying something, in particular.
Why could not a duct for telephone cables have been put into the same trench?
convey through a duct.
a ventilation system that must be ducted through the wall
The portion of pancreas had a dilated pancreatic duct but no discrete masses.
Allergies to foods can trigger spasms of the gall bladder duct , so you should visit a practitioner who can diagnose any allergies you may have and adjust your diet accordingly.
These structures include the cystic duct, the common hepatic duct , and the inferior border of the liver.
This is a transverse view of the epigastrium in a patient with a dilated pancreatic duct .
The biopsy specimen showed a cystic tumor arising from a dilated eccrine duct .
You could dissassemble the duct easily enough and reverse the fan if you wanted to duct cold air into the CPU area.
She composed herself and continued to shuffle quietly to the water duct .
Colic pain is precipitated by spasm of a dilated cystic duct that is obstructed by gallstones.
Here the soft tissue lining the inner ear narrows to form a vessel, the perilymphatic duct .
The tumor seemed to originate from the main mammary duct , given its close association with the nipple.