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duckweed / ряска
имя существительное
duckweed, conferva
имя существительное
a tiny aquatic flowering plant that floats in large quantities on still water, often forming an apparently continuous green layer on the surface.
Water hyacinths, duckweed , and pondweed are all aquatic monocots.
At the rate these water lettuce heads propagate themselves, they may shortly be declared an invasive weed by the State of Arizona, as has already happened to water hyacinths and duckweed .
If you hike down the steep, stony path on the opposite side, you come to a small, swimming-pool-size basin of water, covered in a green carpet of duckweed .
Barely visible above a mat of wind-blown duckweed were the eyes and nostrils of a four-foot alligator.
I loved every moment he was around and would stand at his side as he cleaned the pond of its green duckweed , tugged dandelions from the lawn and snipped the dead heads off Dad's prized dahlias.
Floating plants like water lilies or duckweed block sunlight, preventing algae from thriving.
These weeds are duckweed and watermeal.
Silvery fish with scales like pearls and translucent blue fins like moonlight swam through the clear, cold water, hiding underneath duckweed and water-flowers floating above the pond's surface.
There's some usage of tomatoes, and there is a small water plant called duckweed that's also being used by a company.
It was concluded by the Environmental Protection Agency in Victoria that the fish kill was caused by excess duckweed in the water, encouraged by high nutrient levels.
I went to the fountain and saw varieties of water plants like water lilies and duckweed .