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duckbill / утконос
имя существительное
platypus, duckbill, ornithorhyncus
имя существительное
an animal with jaws resembling a duck's bill, e.g., a platypus or a duck-billed dinosaur.
This includes the horned dinosaurs, duckbills , stegosaurs and armored dinosaurs.
имя прилагательное
shaped like a duck's bill.
duckbill pliers
I was fascinated by the instruments, especially the one with the duckbill blades that opened and closed.
The purpose of the tissue was to make sure that the duckbill clips did not leave any dents.
The surgeon made the incision at the level of the thyroid cartilage and removed a window using the duckbill elevator.
To remedy this problem, the device has an umbrella valve beneath the duckbill valve.
According to her, he was wearing a plastic shield, a regular-size duckbill mask, gloves, gown and everything supplied by the hospital, but still she got infected.
He's that veritable boob with the upturned duckbill hat.
The insertion instruments include calipers, curved hooks, dull hooks, duckbill elevators, chisels, and implant inserters.
Since the parent duckbills were nearly thirty feet long and weighed about three tons, we assume that the dinosaurs were too large to incubate their eggs by sitting on the nest.
It was the spectacular array of ornithischians that made the Cretaceous such an interesting time - strangely named beasts like ‘ duckbills ’ and ‘boneheads’, and various types of armoured and horned dinosaurs.
This includes the horned dinosaurs, duckbills , stegosaurs and armored dinosaurs.