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ducat / дукат, деньги, монета
имя существительное
money, cash, currency, dollars, coin, ducat
coin, piece, piece of money, shiner, ducat, bean
имя существительное
a gold coin formerly current in most European countries.
A ducat weighs about 3.5 grams so this coin would be more than a 17-ducat coin.
a ticket, especially an admission ticket.
The Dallas Mavericks put bar codes on tickets, not just to track sales of the ducats , but to make sure they are selling them to folks who actually fill the seats.
The fans shelled out $200 for a ducat to the game.
When it came Buddy's turn to use the ducat (the family couldn't afford tickets for everybody), he saw his first play ever - the comedy ‘Turn to the Right.’
Ticket prices went up more than $3 to an average of $43.86 a ducat .
The calculations were done with the help of soldiers who were given a gold ducat for every mistake they found.
A ducat weighs about 3.5 grams so this coin would be more than a 17-ducat coin.
In 1825-6 he experienced a disastrous year at the Teatro Carolino, Palermo, a position that paid him only 45 ducats a month.
To provide ourselves with a yardstick here, we can calculate that this sum is about 10 times more than the 50 or so ducats that a well-educated person such as a schoolteacher might hope to earn in a year.
Three million ducats were sent to the remaining members of the Catholic League and the Duke of Parma was ordered to leave the war in the Netherlands and help defend Paris from Henry of Navarre.
He didn't care for the preservation of peasant songs in this far-flung outcrop of Europe: four ducats a song, however, he could not refuse.
It is simply an economic decision to wring a few more ducats out.