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dubiety / сомнение, колебание, что-либо сомнительное
имя существительное
doubt, question, challenge, hesitation, discredit, dubiety
oscillation, swing, fluctuation, hesitation, wobble, dubiety
что-либо сомнительное
dubiety, toss-up
имя существительное
the state or quality of being doubtful; uncertainty.
his enemies made much of the dubiety of his paternity
This has opened up an area of great dubiety which deserves more definitive answers.
Yet only with considerable dubiety does she cite these noble notions of fiction in her recently published ‘fragment of autobiography.’
There is also dubiety about the completion date of a few roads.
This time there seemed to be a bit of dubiety about it.
Therefore, in order to relieve his frustrations, the official may look to get his own back by only ruling in favour of this player when there is absolutely no dubiety about a challenge or incident involving this problematic performer.
No wonder that his sudden surrender provokes in her, not only a ‘romantic’ response, but also something between dubiety , suspicion and ironic dryness.
There is no dubiety about the DNA link between this guy and the crime scenes.
his enemies made much of the dubiety of his paternity
There was no dubiety about the Dundee equaliser which came three minutes later.
But as for the Mirror, there's no such dubiety .